When Love’s Not Meant

We fell and fought

for the love

that made and broke

us whole

not a penny to gamble.

We tried and failed

for us to work

but time was a murderer

and lizard was the only witness

who walked away from the carnage-it can’t handle.

We hoped and fingers crossed

for our fairytale to come true

But our love was an old woman,

Blind and slow, off to pick up apples

But ends in limes and lemons, down to thorny pineapples.

YouTube/Patti Austin/’All Behind Us Now’

The Gifts

In my journey to life,
too often,
I nearly get lost
between darkness and light.
But thank goodness,
I stumble on the gifts.

If the gift of light
brings me knowledge
to man darkness,
the gift of peace
leads me to wisdom–
through acceptance–
that such darkness exists.

If the gift of light
brings me courage
to deal with the unknown,
the gift of peace
leads me to grace
that leads to possibilities
which often come
with the unknown.

And if the gift of light
brings me understanding
to unwelcomed thoughts,
the gift of peace
leads me to compassion;
allowing me
to reconcile
my thoughts
with my morals
and values–
of those,
of Heaven’s
and Earth’s.

For if the gift of light,
never fail
to walk me through
the valley of truth,
the gift of peace
always allows me
to run worry-free
in the valley,
and all the way
to the apex
of serenity,
even if
my eyes
are closed.

For the gift of peace
always bring
the brightest light;
allowing me to see the world,
and everyone around me,
not by sight;
never through the eyes,
but through my heart
and soul.

YouTube/Danny Wright/Forrest Gump/’Feather Theme’