Not Just a Love Poem

Ever since I got sick, I couldn’t write love poems like I used to, which I found more depressing. I also barely listened to music, even if I knew it’s relieving. I really miss the good side of my old self. Although folks, I have no explanation other than my condition; but of course, I’m hurt to think I can no longer scribble romantically. Because, poetry is my only outlet in my harsh reality along side with going to the gym.

In addition, in this crazy world, wherein most are eager to showcase intelligence and talents, all I have is this heart to offer you. It’s tiny, but I strive everyday to grow in compassion and humility that I humble myself to you, who excel the demands of blogging and/or posting, which are painstaking. Hence, kudos to your dedication and tenacity!

Going back to love poems, it means a lot to me; Coz I rather write happy thoughts. I rather sound romantic than be bitter in life. Truly, in this rough existence, I rather write and pledge my love than be desperate.

In this regard, I thank God: I just finished scribbling a love poem! It may not be the best, but at least I get my creativity going.

Also, I am thankful for your appreciation and camaraderie.Again, my heartfelt gratitude for all your support and encouragement. And I’m very sorry for the late returns.

To Him be all the glory! May He bless your blogs and families. Have a blessed Sunday y’all!


Featured Song:

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
by Maysa

-Video Courtesy of YouTube-



6 thoughts on “Not Just a Love Poem

    • Thanks for the concern, Brad! I never knew how bad depression until I got hit. It affects me in many ways, forgive me I can’t elaborate. And my family couldn’t do so much, because I’m away. But I’m hopeful there’ll be some relief somehow. Thanks again, nice pic btw! 🙏🏻


  1. Your poem is beautiful Aina. With its elegance you are expressing your real nature, as a counterpoint to the pain. Please make no apologies to your readers, for I’m sure none are needed. Thank you too for your honesty as a writer. (And the music is wonderful.)

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