Courage, Hope and Faith


4 thoughts on “Courage, Hope and Faith

  1. Hope & Courage. If only you knew, though how could you, how I survived on 3 things and 3 things only for the past 2+ years. Hope, Courage & Faith (not in the religious sense, as I am EXTREMELY spiritual and believe ever so strongly in things that most who follow specific religions don’t even come close to – and also strongly respect each person’s individual religion of choice). Faith more in the sense of a kind of knowing. However, while Faith is one of the 3 survival tools I’ve lived on – Hope & Courage were/are the first 2. I loved your post. ❤ — Kimba

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  2. I appreciate your insight. I struggle each day to have the 3 of them. My condition puts me into this state; but I know and I believe in their powers. Again, my sincerest thank; and I wish you the best!


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