When Good Lives Are Lost

As our nation grieves for the beautiful lives we lost in Las Vegas . . .


We mourn and pay silence.

And in silence, 

We pray their families may find solace in loving memories.

We light candles for their questions that can never be answered; 

We offer flowers for the justice yet to serve.

We keep our heads vowed and hands clasped in the middle

For our most solemn plea to heal our hearts and find peace in forgiveness.

We surrender to tears; but we combat our fears 

Embracing ourselves tight–

Reaffirming life is good even in our darkest moments;

For this, brings us together.

And together,

We let the currents of our sacred tears

Bring us to the doors of heaven

Where confetti, symphony, pretty familiar faces, smiles we missed, and good cheers are present

For more good lives, which made it to heaven,

now eternally in heaven.


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