When Heart Fails to Find Its Way Home

Like a Kite.4

Home says:

It’s okay.
You don’t have to explain
why you’re away,
where are you at,
who you’re with,
why you’re there
(and not here).

It’s not because,
I am not
to hear your story;
I am not concerned
at all;
Or I am not taking
your word for it.

It’s just that,
to know you’re well
and safe,
and happy–
and HAPPY–
I am but relieved.

For more than
this silly wish
to be with you–
I always pray–
always, always pray–
for your happiness–
even if it means,
us, being always apart;
or being away from each other for so long;
or you, being forever far away
from me.

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16 thoughts on “When Heart Fails to Find Its Way Home

    • I am, Francis. Thank you! I am actually worried of you. Coz I keep checking for a new post . . . But it’s okay. For as long as you’re fine and healthy. Thanks again. = )


      • Thanks Aina, my health has been an issue of late, but not bad enough to worry me. I will be visiting hospital next week, so a little prayer would be very helpful. The main block to posting is the age of my computer, which is so agonisingly slow at writing every single letter. In a few weeks I hope be able to buy a new mac, and then I can return to posting fairly frequently. Thank you again, Aina, for your concern, and, good luck to you, from this Irish man, in all that you do.

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  1. Happiness is where the heart is, and the heart (even when far away) is always connected to a place called home…even if it is never to return. Beautiful words, of remembering and yet also letting go.

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