This Deep Thing

If you can measure
How big and deep the Pacific ocean is;
How big and deep the Arctic ocean is;
How big and deep the Indian ocean is;
The Southern,
The Mariana,
And the Atlantic,
And add their figures–
Add the ones that are yet to discover–
Add them altogether–
If you can,
If can
Then you probably know
How big and deep
Is my love for you. . .

No matter how your numbers sum up to;
No matter how doubts may deceive you
Not all love remains this true!

Featured Song:

How Deep Is Your Love
(Courtesy of YouTube)

6 thoughts on “This Deep Thing

  1. Wow…that is really one DEEP love you have, my friend~ do pass it on like those currents under those deep deep seas….:D

    With lots of cheers on a Marvelous Monday!!!! 😀


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