Give Thanks

“. . . .give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus,” 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

Revised 3:08 HST, 11/11/2022

Admit it, try

Or deny:

But fortune cookies aside,

At some point in our lives,

We missed thanking

Someone’s kind thing. . .

. . . generosity, courtesy,

Loyalty, empathy,

Devotion and affection.

Take it literally,

But better yet spiritually:

It would be nice to have a Bible on the side;

Read Genesis and you’ll get it right,

Who created the air we breathe?

Are we entitled to all the endowments and gifts,

Even the benefits and privileges we received?

Can we force families and friends to return the love and care we give?


Plain truth:

Thank you can bring sunshine

To one’s cloudy day.

To a call center rep,

It’s a jackpot

To hear a customer say.

Thank you when receives,

Is a recognition of good deeds,

Of hard work,

Of goin’ the extra mile,

Of gifts and pleasant things, bringing smiles

And music to ears.

Thank you when given,

Is a testament of a character,

Of an attitude,

Even of a fortitude.

It may sound so common;

so rudimentary;

But when we earnestly say,

“Thank you;”

We experience divinity.

Personal: Thank you WordPress! For your gracious visits, generous likes, and kind comments—I am so humbled to have your amazing support. And I hope to return the favor soon. Take care y’all. I love you! God bless always.

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