Nature’s Moral Sentiment VIII

If only all

can get a hug

each day or so;

perhaps there won’t

be a single lost soul.

See the new borns

grow so fast.

At infancy,

they know

their mothers’ warmth.

. . . for there is divinity

in the envelope

of human arms.

When given,

it brings a sense of fulfillment;

When received,

. . . a sense of belonging;

When sought,

someone’s spirit is on the ground.

Either way, it can be done.

When deprived:

“Am I loved?”

“Do I belong?”

“What’s wrong?”

Perhaps “so long.”

The hefty price

of incarceration,

is the torment


its deprivation.

To hug


not to hug,

is not

even a contemplation. . .

. . . for it is easier

to put out

his fist for a fight,

or her mouth

into action.

But to give hug a try

when a thing

between two

goes awry–

is not even a notion.

God Works in Many Wonders


After almost two-years of debilitating battle with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, I’m back to school at the University of Hawaii West Oahu for full time enrollment–I thank God for His blessings. Because amid health and mental challenges, I still dream to be a Certified Public Accountant and a tax attorney. It means so much to me; Because I know that by helping people file and understand taxes, I am giving back to the community and glory to the Almighty.

But there was a point, when I thought my dream wasn’t happening anymore. Blame it on PTSD and depression, which changed me a hundred-eighty-degrees that I never imagine would ever happened to me.

In old days, I don’t give up easily. In fact, during the lowest point of unemployment, I volunteered to various non-profit organizations. From writing in the quarterly magazine of the Hawaii Paralegal Association (2007 to 2011), to providing legal assistance and administrative support to the Hawaii State Bar Association/Young Lawyers Division (2007 to 2011 in many occasions), to participating in Citizenship Fair of Na Loio and HSBA (2008), to the Bench Warrant Recall program of the Volunteer Legal Services of Hawaii (2009), to the Fair Housing program/Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling for the Elderly/Low Income Tax Clinic of the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii (2008 to 2017), and the VITA of joint Hawaii Alliance of Community Based Economic and the University of Hawaii (2015-2017, and 2019)—I have given myself to the community. In return, I found a purpose. I saved my sanity. I preserved my self-worth. I enriched my soul. Sadly, that optimism was challenged by what I thought was a promising employment.

Amid the punitive damages I endured, I had no thought of getting back at anyone or filing a suit. Though my civil rights were violated; Though I was demeaned and treated unfairly; I saw the humanity in my offenders’ eyes. That they have flaws just like me. Also, I saved the court’s valuable time. Hence, I chose to embraced the pain and entrust everything to God. I prayed for everyone’s healing. And from there, I focused and worked on recovery. I made sure that I get back to my normal life the soonest time possible.

However, to make it clear, I have been doing pro bono; because, I simply saw the community’s need and grabbed the opportunity to do something larger than me.

My good karma: UH West Oahu corresponded to me sometime in May. Through a special cohort, the institution asked what do I need to finish my degree. Through an advisor, the institution offered me a scholarship all the way to my graduation next fall. My only part in the process, was to reapply for admission and financial aid, and to comply with the health requirements of the institution.

Consequently, in this Fall 2019 semester, I am enrolled to five subjects. Out of five, only four need to be paid. Three are paid through financial aid and student loan. And one would probably be outstanding. I plan to work in campus to settle any balance, to get my books and course materials.

Knowing nothing is easy, to be honest, I worry a little. My savings are running too low; and my cash is not enough to last till mid December. But I still would not ask any of my inner circle a favor. My studies are very personal endeavors. That If I am awarded of any scholarships and/or grants, I must earn my eligibility through academic standing. Still, my anxiety is growing.

But on Tuesday night, I watched America’s Got Talent. I witnessed Golden Buzzer Kodi Lee (a blind with autism) sang Paul Simon’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters. And the next thing I knew, my cheeks were wet. I cried, because there was no explanation for Kodi’s talents except for a breakthrough that only God can do.

He truly works in many, many wonders. Because, I am having a breakthrough too. Although I’m financially constrained, I am pursuing higher education in an American institution. Although I missed my Dean’s List last semester by .09 in my GPA, still UHWO is being generous to offer me scholarship. How could I doubt God’s grace and providence?

I really felt so little of myself after watching Kodi. Because, with all His generosity and might, I doubted God will see me through.

YouTube/America’s Got Talent/Kodi Lee/Bridge Over Troubled Water

The Joys of Summer


Longer days of the glorious sun

leaning into north

illuminating the earth so bright

bringing clear blue skies alight

‘til night.

And on the shore of Lanikai,

two bask in warmth:

Dare to bare—

they’re contemporaries

of the golden sand.

The scent of ocean, the tang

of young,

the aroma of mustards and molasses—

In summer air,

freedom is found.

Summer is the effortless influencer:

Priceless joy

lies in simple things–

I dare not

to be grand.

YouTube/Cecilio & Kapono/Highway in the Sun

Nature’s Moral Stories VII


Among flowers and leaves,

seizing the day is plain to see.

To radiate and exude beauty while can

if can, when can-

C’est la vie!

Some blooms bear thorns;

Some blooms stays arall year long.

But their colors which tell where they’re from;

Make them vulnerable to pickers, to lovers.

to suckers—appreciation gone wrong!

Foliage in green

are dutiful to their trees;

Owing it to sun, their greatest benefactor.

So when fall comes, in gold and brown

to the ground they belong.

Beauty has the worst mortality rate

in this very physical world;

followed by vigor.

Defying Time


Our hairs will turn gray
worse, away;

Our knees will shake
in climbing the stairs;

Our minds will end less gay
and some memories may fade;

Just our bodies will wrinkle like papers
as we age.

Then in six-feet down under,
we’ll be in aweful company as we decay.

Over time,
clocks become nuisance.

But, we defy time
when we choose to listen
to the strings of our hearts. . .

. . .for though we’ll be gone one day,
there’ll be another two,
who’ll choose to love
come what may.


The Bridge

YouTube/Flora Purim/Bridges