Here We Go


(Courtesy of YouTube)

We imagine

Sending our big blue kites

A little above the bluer sky

Halfway to heaven

Where angels play

Like silly butterflies.

But our hands are not letting go

Stapled, glued–we can’t get enough if I may say so

Consolation: we play for the angels

More silly than butterflies

Bewildering the blushing sky

Calling the day off; benching all the kites.

We imagine

Marching braver than the penguins

Holding hands inseparably one winter in northern Antarctic,

Where snows end their fate in Hawaiian shave ice,

And the flightless birds need not to hide their babies

Soon coming into life.

But our bodies know only one season: Summer

Know only one task; one mission.

We learned from the bees.

We compete with the bonobos

And the lovebirds, the bowerbirds

The manakins and flamingos.

Imagining aside,

Of eros,

Of philia,



Here we go.


2 thoughts on “Here We Go

  1. Here we go… I love this. “Halfway to heaven, Where angels play, Like silly butterflies” will fill my mind this weekend. Wishing you the best, Aina ~ all the happiness 🙂


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