You Cannot

You can measure my skills;

You can rate my talents;

You can calculate my knowledge;

But, you can’t belittle my passion–

For you can never weigh my heart;

And, you can never estimate my soul.

About AinaBalagtashttps://lyricssentimentsandme.wordpress.comI am an essayist; a news writer; a poet; a big fan of language and words; an ardent lover of imagination-- I am but a writer.

13 thoughts on “You Cannot

  1. Like the sun when it kisses a newly awaken day in the islands, as the color of the oceans which embraces one with its magnificent blue, there is none whose heart can pen such gems, there is no one that can deliver as soulfully as you! I was listening to Michael Franks and Brenda Russel, and i was traveling on the web and i found your poem….it made the evening better my sister…Mahalo, and hugs and love to you ! Have a wonderful weekend!

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