29 September 2017Aloha and welcome to my new Site!

As we are all evolving, I and my interests in life have also changed a little. Although poems and melodies would still take part in my blogging, but memoirs or truthful narratives would highlight more my coming posts.

I’ve been blogging here at WordPress since 2006. And I can’t thank everyone enough for your valued support. For those who are new here, your gracious visits are highly appreciated–mahalo for dropping by! I hope you’d come back or leave me a comment; because I’d love to visit yours as well. Nonetheless, I wish you all the best!

Lastly, to blog is such a wonderful privilege, we are given. We can use our respective Sites or blogs to better the World Wide Web; and hopefully, to build a better world. Let’s make a difference!

Let’s talk! Let’s laugh! Let’s learn! Let’s blog! And let’s live life to the fullest.

A million thanks to you all!

Aina Balagtas