To Fall


(Originally posted 10/11/18, 09:51 HST)


Hello, gentle soul!
Falling leaves are on the roll.
Vibrant scarlet, rust, and marigold
Cascading on top trees and down the roads.

Ivy blooms,
While melancholy looms.
In crispy morning mists and quiet afternoons,
Solitude is tuned.

Sweaters and blankets,
Hugs and embraces—
There’s magic in warmth
And nostalgia in fireplaces.

Pumpkins get botched faces,
Maples leave Canadian traces,
Oaks bear brown acorns,
Apples and tomatoes-the secrets of strong.

It has been weeks
Since the roses bid
‘So long-‘
Time’s up for summer; nothing’s wrong.


(Video courtesy of YouTube)

YouTube/Rod Stewart/‘That’s All’

The Ballad of Fall


(Originally posted 09/02/2018, 06:39 HST)


In scarlet, rust, and gold,
Stunners come forth in woods and roads
Enduring stories of grace in death unfold:
Humility is a thing of beauty—behold!


Meek polyps in pink, white, and light orange
Sway to the noteless music of ocean water
Following Luna so bright and gay:
Coral spawning is underway.


Bonfire, fireplace,
And warm embrace:
Comfort is in the air.
Doses of love are meant to be shared.


Pumpkins take the spotlight on Halloween
And Thanksgiving.
Vibrant beets, beans, and peas—
Harvest brings peace.


Brave snow geese pack the flock from Arctic Tundra,
Off to the greener pastures of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.
Casanovas in disguise, monarch butterflies bid sweet goodbye to Canada,
Take a joy ride in the air, hello California!


Tales of change in acoustic
Strumming, playing free of remorse,
Seizing the day—
Nature is bold taking place.




(Courtesy of YouTube)