These Dirty Laundries

There’s grace in both life and death;

But if the latter is caused by someone

That’s murder.

How could one slaughter a parent

For money?

How could one hurt oneself

Just because

Lazy is easy.

Insurance sometimes is a ticket to one’s own death.

Sad. Really sad.

There’s grace in both wealth and poverty.

Wealth, yes, it does brings money;

But what comes with it

Is either glory or sorry.

What makes poverty bad, is

When one immerses oneself

Thinking the treasure is at depth.

Let the rooms be empty.

Dusts wouldn’t mind lounging

Like crazy.

Oh money!

See what you’re doing

to lost somebody.

Sad, scared.

you poor somebody.

Joe Black said:

“Debts and Taxes.”


One thought on “These Dirty Laundries

  1. “There’s grace in both life and death” is a great statement…and the enemy of grace is jealousy tinged with an absurd laziness and apathy to make good. To make good in life is not that difficult, and open to all. All it takes is grace. Wishing you well 🙂

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