So Long, Summer

Red roses wilt as fervor gone.

Blooms of purple,

Blooms of yellow,

Of lavenders and sunflowers turn pale and mellow—

Fading hues of sad meadows.

The Midnight Sun’s a tease,

Leaving night navy skies a lot to miss;

Leaving farthest northerners

Wistful and down.

Who never needed a clown?

The Arctic Light is quick to leave

When Sunrise meet Sunset,

For weeks, the skies can’t sleep.

In love?

In debt? That’s what people think.

Goats abandoned Southwest Morocco,

Through feasting;

Through with Argan trees.

In agony: jaws and vestigial toes.

Hope is a keeper; Sorrows come and go.

So long Summer

So long. . .

Arms spread

In oblation,

To autumn, I say ‘hello!’


(Courtesy of YouTube)


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