Purposely Yourselves

Hi all,

Sorry for the very soft voice in the video above.

I am here at Narita, Japan for my layover, and my final destination is Manila to be with my children.

Thus, I am here for seventeen hours. I have no complaints, the Japan Immigration actually grant me a 3-Day Visa. What’s even better, the government agency offers a free tour in museums, culinary adventure, or visits in historical places–such a generosity and hospitality! And it’s my loss really, coz I let it go due to colds (It’s at 50s here and raining–quite different from the usual warm Hawaii weather. Worse, I’m under the weather).😂

Just a quick FYI, I really love being in the airport. Simply because, this is one of the most highly organized systems in the world. People here–be travelers or workers–do things purposely; they carry things only they need. Most importantly, everyone follows time strictly and obey rules. And airport personnel accomplished huge and meaningful tasks everyday under pressure material to humanity. Hence, imagine if we apply such rigid and well-thought system in every facet of our lives? I guess we’d all be very successful. 🙂

In regards to Japan, this is an ever progressive first-world country. Japanese are very dedicated, courteous, and highly efficient people. We owe them many state-of-the-art technologies and scientific advancements (such as bullet trains, techy potties), and of course, sushi. 😛

To end, thank you for all your support! Allow me to special mention though, kind Brad or WritingToFreedom, Randall or Mr. China Sojourn, Ms. Cindy Knoke (the most stupendous Cindy I have ever known), and Ms. GreyzzielStories (which on the contrary to the connotation of her blog’s name is a very graceful young woman)–thank you for your encouragement and great company! Shame on my depression! I am blessed, because WordPress keeps me going. Happy blogging to all! 😘😘😘



5 thoughts on “Purposely Yourselves

  1. Welcome to the Philippines Ms. Aina 😍😊 You might not be here yet but home is waiting for you.. I am honored to be mentioned by you… I hope you will have a great time with your family here.. God bless

  2. Oh Aina, I couldn’t hear your video, but I do understand your viewpoint regarding airports. They are highly systematized and usually all proceeds very well.
    I loved Japan. I was there last year and enjoyed every minute. I do hope your journey home will be calm and clear.
    Sending Love… 🙂

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