Thee September,
You’re the March of Fall–
I remember.

The true Seventh,
in thee,
life defies death;
and death surrenders
to valiant memories.


Thee September,
You’re the Harvest of Charlemagne’s–
I remember.

In thee,
petals bloom in rosegold;
while the soil shimmer in moss;
and the crops beam in stunning hues
amid their daunting fate
once they reach the refrigerator.


Thee September,
You’re the fairy godmother of forget-me-nots, morning glories, and asters;
you grant them their moments;
you make them sparkle
with silvers and sapphires–
I remember.

In thee,
lavender and vanilla
are competing for the best scent
to win the purest heart
of this meekest air we breathe.


Thee September,
You’re the crowning glory of Michael
the Archangel–
I remember.

In thee,
He cast Luci
in abyss of abyss;
While Heaven crowns
the oceans and seas,
the faithful and hopeful,
the dreamers and doers
of leis and wreaths. . . .

. . . crafted by the humming angels,
who’ve been stalked
by dozing butterflies
who’ve fallen
in want at first sight.
Thee, thee, September,
Oh, I remember.



11 thoughts on “September 

  1. I think you’ve just described my feelings for autumn and September that I’ve never been able to describe clearly before 🙂 Wonderful words and wishing you a great end of summer/beginning of autumn.

      • It is funny, this year I would like for the summer to stick around a bit longer ~ it is a very happy and relaxing season… While autumn is my favorite season, I think I am with you in wishing summer could hold on for another month or so. Wishing you the best Aina, take care!

        • For real, you love autumn? Is it because of the colors? Or is it because life is mellow during the season? Sorry, I’m asking too many questions. I’m just intrigued. Anyways, thank you for the visit and insight as well. You take care, Randall! Take care always. Xo

          • I like the way you put it. I think it is because autumn is more mellow, a time to relax a bit and breathe. To take in the colors and to think of future possibilities…it gets me excited for the next year I suppose 🙂 Wishing you well ~

            • Hi Randall! My apologies for the very late response; school is up and I’m back to my crazy workNschool routines–sorry. My favorite season is spring. I use not to like summer due to my allergies, but I guess I’m evolving just as most things in this world. Anyway, you continue to impress me of your photography, your writing; your charisma to your audience–and now, your perspectives. I am but a fan really. Thank you for everything and God bless always!

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