A Happy Note

Friends (Good, better, best, and soon-to-be);

Thank you for your invaluable support and appreciation! I am sincerely grateful, because my philosophy in blogging: Be from one or from millions, support is support; and a like is like. That more than reciprocity, I feel blessed for every kindness and benevolence. Simply because, an act of one or both from another human being inevitably born with a self-focused mindset, it takes heroic efforts to extend generosity. Perhaps what I am trying to say, I am monumentally grateful and humbled of your presence in my blog–so my warmest aloha to y’all! And many thanks!

Nonetheless, concluding a very blessed week, allow me to share a very inspiring video that is delightful and uplifting. Such piece of entertainment is a gem! Because, friends, it may speak of little things; corny, cheesy to others they may seem; but when matter, we can discount the notion that happiness is but a myth–for no thing so tiny and trivial when it comes from the heart. No thing so tiny and trivial when we bond with the people who mean the most to us. No thing so tiny and trivial when we give in to love, which is always a beautiful indulgence.

Hence, it may seem just a song; but it makes us smile; and it makes us groove; and it makes us bond, and it leads to pure joy. So why not sing-along?

Happy blogging everyone! I thank God for you all!

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12 thoughts on “A Happy Note

  1. πŸ™‚ There is nothing quite like a smile, and your brilliant smile to be sure πŸ™‚
    And this is simply a beautiful video and song ~ smiles to melt all hearts!

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