When Love Becomes the Weakest Link

Carbon monoxide
would fill the Earth;
and all that breathe
would be in a race
with their dying breaths.
Wall Street
would rule all nations
outcasting citizens,
who would be forced
to declare bankruptcy
by unsecured creditors
of greed and materialism.
would dictate ways of living;
and a single-party system,
an alien to principles and compassion,
would exile
or persecute
advocates of rights,
equality and justice.
Codeine, methadone, morphine,
would be served
at the table;
Feeding fathers with exhaustion,
mothers of insensitivity,
kids with disobedience;
and would turn
every dining room
to grave
of living deads.
Churches, temples, chapels
would be replaced
by Casinos, sex
and drug dens,
where cursing
would be recited
night and day.
For when love
becomes the weakest link, . . .
. . . goodness
is but a mocked
Electrolux salesman
knocking on our doors–
ever despised
and always threatened
by bulldogs
and pit bulls.
He never makes a sale.
. . . you’d abandon our dreams;
you’d hate me
for holding on;
you’d condemn me
for believing,
and hoping:
Ours is something real.