Me Ke Aloha

Friends, blogging friends, Hawaiians (by blood and in spirit), “Romans and countrymen,” me ke aloha!


I’ve been away for more than four-months due to tax season, a fitness goal, and full take-off of my service business. However, often in my blogging career, this has been happening due to my heavy responsibilities at home and my professional life. Amid longing to be with you (although mere virtual), honestly, this time, I am not sorry. I can’t be; because I needed the break.


On top of that, I am confident that you, with whom I built good blogging relationships, are truly fine people who blog with your hearts– and compassion is but your norm.


Regardless, please allow me this privilege to share with you the amazing things I have gone through for the past four-months:.


Professionally, I did my yearly volunteering preparing taxes for VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) of the Internal Revenue Service for 9 consecutive years now. However, this time, I was with the Legal Aid and also with my school, or the University of Hawaii West Oahu (not for any academic credit, rather just to serve the. community). Although I missed some weeks, I still prepared more than hundreds of 2016 tax returns (both state and federal). Along side, I also prepared for families and some friends (also pro bono) as usual.


On health, I lost 27 pounds: From size 10, I’m now 6. I trimmed 4 inches of my waist. I’ve been walking and running everyday in the beaches of Waikiki and Ala Moana. I’ve been exercising 3x a day. I stopped eating starches, junk foods, and drinking soda. I disciplined myself on sugar and salt. And I married my body to Pilates and in bigamy with dumbbells. Seriously, I am able to achieve these through the help of my Apple Watch, couples of heavy cardio playlists, and on the foundation of determination and will to longevity. I feel so good like I’m a million dollar worth; because I was never this healthy ever before. 


Thus, I am thankful! For there were many times I can’t even afford to look at the mirror. I hated seeing myself so fat that I felt like dying from humiliations for letting food defeat me; for allowing my unhealthy lifestyle bury my self-respect. And it was such a demeaning feeling!

And so, I contemplated “Should I crash all mirrors? Or burn the fats?” Obviously, I signed up for the latter. And I’m glad I did. Because that decision is critical to my well-being.

With that being said, I hope you forgive me for my absence. Know that it’s never because I get tired of “obsessively” liking your posts. Coz to this day, I don’t regret doing that because my intentions are never to control anyone (which is impossible in this virtual world)–rather  that’s how I express my appreciation and gratitude. I am grateful to you who have been supportive of me for years. In addition, I know how hard it is to blog. I sincerely commend everyone’s efforts and passion. Also, I never see us as attention craving creatures. For we may be creative and expressive, but there’s nothing wrong with art. Because notwithstanding our area of interests, there’s art in every blog. Moreover, we are the noble ones who dare humanize this World Wide Web (I can’t stress this enough).


So without further ado, folks: I’m home! I am happy to be here at home with you all! I’ll be seeing yours in a while and thank you! I miss you. I love you. But for now, aloha oe! Mahalo nui! And God bless us everybody!



26 thoughts on “Me Ke Aloha

    • I honestly didn’t thought, I could go that far, Cher. But as I burn fat, the will to burn more intensified and now, unstoppable.

      Nonetheless, thank you for the kind comments and your inspiration as well! Aloha Cher!

      • Well you should be extremely proud of yourself! I can see that once the changes started to take place, and you burned fat, it would definitely be a motivator! However, not many have the discipline that you do! I commend you my dear! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ xo

        • I think Cher, it started with the acceptance that I wasn’t okay; and that I needed to shape up. Also, I read a lot on what works and not. It can just be the diet, or just a workout—both works hand-in-hand and as you said discipline matters. And it’s the hardest. Thank you dear!

          • Your words are extremely insightful! I like the fact that you started with acceptance that you wanted to change. And after that the discipline and to see what works and what doesn’t as you mentioned. Ah, I think you are doing extremely well my dear! Truly an inspiration! Cher xo

  1. Welcome back Aina. Kudos on all that you’ve accomplished in your life. As much as we love to blog and connect online, sometimes we need to make our physical life a priority. It sounds like you have a very rich and full life. blessings, Brad

    • Being online, Brad, and having the opportunity to share how I see the world and myself–is a very humbling experience. I am grateful for every post, for every like and comment. But as you said, inevitably, there’d be moments our physical lives when we would be demanded a 100% attention and we simply have to give in. I’d be lying if I say, I’m not worried that a gap could hurt my friendship with you and the others, but in the end I reconcile that fear with my trust that I found gems in you guys. That through the sincerity we’ve exchanged here, though virtual, our friendship will survive. So aloha to you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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