Perhaps Not a Bird Nor a Plane

We open ourselves to pain;
We embrace ache;
We defy ourselves
come what may.

We gamble our hearts in a lose-lose game;
We entrust our souls to fate;
We surrender our very all
notwithstanding what are at stake.

We set aside ideals;
We compromise principles;
We let emotions
rule all the way.

We label sacrifices as joy;
We tag irrationality as nobility; as
We opt to live
for its sake.

We fill our dreams of its thoughts;
We spend lifetime hoping for its best; so
We crawl to hold on
without thinking of control.

We smile in minutes of grief;
We cry in hours of glee;
We quit sanity indefinitely . . .

it’s not a bird
nor a plane–
but love
“is ever far
than we.”


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