I Love Love, Love . . .

I haven’t blog for a while due to a heavy tight schedule. But amid the threats of losing readership, I honestly don’t have the slightest fear and regret except for missing my friends’ posts. However, knowing most of them understand my special situations in life: I trust that in their hearts, they know I always support and pray for them. I wish all the best for their endeavors.

Hence, I am not giving up on anybody. I am not giving up friendship. Because, to write my musings and be able to express myself delights my heart; to blog and be touched by the most talented and kindhearted people in the planet–I can’t say goodbye! Sorry, I’m out for a while.

But please: Stay safe, happy, healthy, pretty and nice. I love love, love, love you, guys!


10 thoughts on “I Love Love, Love . . .

  1. You never, ever have to apologize for missing posts 🙂 It is just great when you return – and how I can understand when life gets in the way of everything…especially work 😦 Cheers to a nice Sunday for you.

    • I do have to; because I appreciate your effort in dropping by and commenting. I am thankful for everything, just like how I value and cherish those of our other friends. It’s just that often my schedule is ridiculously busy, I couldn’t respond on time. Worse, I miss comments. I couldnÊ»t keep up really.

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