To the Heroes Who Dare to Love

The Glory of Living

To the victims of Orlando shooting—
The heroes who dared to love in a hateful world. . .

If love is a person,
its mantra would be:
“I am who I am.”

If it’s a coffee,
it may come with
a creamer or milk,
or plain dark and bold.
But with or without sugar,
it perks us up in the morning—-
and it keeps us going
all day long.

If it’s a song,
It doesn’t need a refrain.
And it works in all genre.

If it’s a clothing;
It’s convertible
to a suit
that brings out
the best in us;
to a comfy pajama
that assures us,
we are in our safe zones.

If it’s a footwear,
of course,
it comes in pair.
An interchangeable slipper,
we can wear down
without worrying
it’s goinh to turn us down–
as it fits all sizes.

To our hearts,
it’s the blood
streaming life
that makes them throb;

To our well-being,
it’s the oxygen
we breathe
to live
in peace
and in harmony
with our souls.
Hence, hence, hence:
How can they
say it’s wrong?
How can anyone
say it’s wrong?

Don’t they know
How they were born?

They aren’t sores,
popping out of heat. . .
that’s it!
And that was all.

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