Perhaps for As Long As I Live

Aloha friends, Romans, and countrymen! Seriously, thank you for your kindness and support! I hope everyone is well just as I am.

Although earlier, I wasn’t because of osing my academic standing by 0.03 points this semester (rom 3.75 now 3.72). I earned 2 A, 1 A- and a B. It happened, because of a full-time job and my yealy devotion of volunteering to prepare taxes.

It hurt me more than I can say it. Because I worked so hard–all my life–for my education.

It truly hurt me so much: For out of my sincere efforts to remain viable to the community, I earned a B. Worse, the professor who gave me the grade, for an 88.72, was the same one who had me volunteer for University of Hawaii’s, Leeward Community College’s VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance). I usually do it with the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii (since 2008). But, because he assigned it as a project, I had to do so.

In consideration of devotion plus the project, I volunteered for more days than he required us. I was taking care of our clients on my own (as he asked me). My finished products were always evaluated on the spot. I never got audited. I even did the alternative project. So did I really earn B?

The irony is. because of human nature, there are many who look at indifference as a camouflage for something ill, which is wrong! For there are pure goodness in this world, we shouldn’t scrutinize. Prejudicial, unwarranted skepticism is a shame to our morals; it’s an insult to a civilized society, more so, to an educated community. For example, many of us here, we blog not because we want money or fame. Rather, our respective blogs inexplicably fill a more inner part of us. That just because we’re (mostly) blogging for free, we have vested interests of ill nature.

Giving more than what I have to doesn’t make me a sinner. Nobody deserves prejudice.

I choose to live a meaningful journey; I pick humility as my compass in life. I could have stayed in the Philippines and news write until I die; Then I wouldn’t have to feel discriminated like a second-class citizen. I could have enjoyed the support of my siblings. But here I am, crawling in the Land of Uncle Sam, not for an American dream–but in fulfillment of my responsibilities.

As their life-long teacher, I strive to inspire my kids of my determination to overcome fate, age and etcetera–by not letting any obstacles get in the way of achieving dreams. However, with two or more years of tackling my degree, and with a GPA going down–honestly, I feared of failing. Sure, I can question the grade and challenge my professor. But, I cried for HIS guidance. And so with all humility, I gave up my Dean’s List–as I put a big L on ny forehead.

However, today, a magical thing happened.

Accompanied by my iPhone, I went to Panda’s (a Chinese fast food restaurant) for lunch. I ordered a two-choice plate. It came with entrées of honey walnut shrimp and angus beef, a house-fried-rice, and a fortune cookie.

Listening to my playlist named Hope, and to the track of Climb Every Mountain, I bit my cookie to read my fortune for the day.

Suprisingly, Fortune Cookie bit me back by saying “Follow every rainbow;” while seemingly, the lyrics raised second the motion, by saying “. . . till you find your dreams.”


9 thoughts on “Perhaps for As Long As I Live

  1. Keep your spirits up Aina. I’m sure you will do well in school and life with your determination and creativity, two skills that are much more important than grades. hugs and blessings…

  2. Hi Aina, I felt very sad for you while reading, but I hope sincerely that time will turn this to the best for you. Thank you so much for your most welcome support on my blog. I am experiencing extreme difficulties these days, and so my blog will probably slow down some. I will continue to check in with my blogger friends around the world for as long I may. And who knows, miracles happen everywhere, every day. Cheers and best wishes to you always Aina.

    • Francis, don’t be sad. Things happen for a reason. It is when I am hurt that I am strong. I pray you’d be okay. You don’t have to reciprocate to anything I do, just please take care of yourself. And my sincerest thanks for all the years of support and understanding.

  3. For your volunteering and your contributing to help others, In my eyes you will always be a full A+! please don’t let it discourage you and stay strong towards your goal 🙂

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