A Home Is Not a House

A House Is Not a Home.jpg

For it’s not about big rooms and heavy doors
of different locks and knobs–
neither the security they bring–
but the lightheartedness
that comes with
solace and peace.

For it’s not about walls and beams,
which seem to be
formidable sources of strength–
yet inevitably degrade over time;
But it’s about the sense of belonging
that guarantees
true stability.

For it’s not about furnitures and appliances,
or anything that provide luxury;
But what matters,
is the humility of the households
who happily embrace
shared responsibilities.

“A house” indeed,
“is not a home-”
for it’s never about the woods and bricks
of which it is built;
but the love and dreams
of which
it is filled.


7 thoughts on “A Home Is Not a House

  1. Your spirit is always so alive within your words, especially when its love paints its beauty on the walls of ones heart! What a treasured gem Aina, thank you for the blessing which brings lasting smiles alive dear sister! Hugs and blessings always!

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