To See A Lovely Day




An eye
is always limited in size
and constrained
to gather light.

Oculus in Latin,
an eye
detects images multiple times
in a split second
that it can’t hold
that much light
over a period of time.

an eye
is incapable
of storing an image
for future reference–
for no light;
no memory.

And in darkest moments,
all it takes,
is courage
to close the eyes–
to see the light.

Bloggers’ Plea



Scribbling, creating in bits and bytes; we speak to the World Wide Web.

Promoting truth, we testify life’s ups and downs.

Advocating for universal amity, we honor individual preferences and differences.

Laboring for a common good, we maintain our pages and sites.

Supporting our fellows’ plights for meaningful and or productive existence, we spare comments and likes.

Notwithstanding infringement of copyrights, we share our passions and crafts.

Evolving in a new face of journalism:

We speak clear and distinct,
so as not to make our readers

We testify truthfully and wholeheartedly;
For honesty is still a good policy—
but now only next to humility.

We honor individual differences and preferences;
For we are all entitled to culture—so we say NO to war.
Gone are the Nazis.

We labor for the next generation of bloggers and beyond–
In peace–
for that is our responsibility.

We spare but not sell our comments and likes—
for it truly
makes us happy.

We share our passions and crafts
with the hope that they do not get plagiarized
and be copied.

We are bloggers—
this is our plea.