was his name–

On her most brutal winter night,
he came.

by a dream and a prayer
for something real,
she disregarded all reasons
and claims–
so impulsively,
they jumped
and shared the flames.

Days passed,
and full of hopes
they vowed
and prayed,
to hold hands
come what may.

Days kept passing,
came rain after rain;
hurricane after hurricane–
they lost each other
along the way.

The saddest part,
Vincent changed.

He thought,
fighting for something
destined to end,
was simply,

Though hurt,
and humiliated
by critics of love
and its fairy tales,
poor girl strove
to live in mundane–
Contrary to Vincent,
who was out
to prove the world:
He was okay
just the same.

And so
Vincent painted the town red.
He flaunted his flare
and their names,
even to her
who was already
crawling in pain.

Only then,
she realized:
To Vincent,
was about fame.

to him:
She was nothing,
but a game.

About AinaBalagtashttps://lyricssentimentsandme.wordpress.comI am an essayist; a news writer; a poet; a big fan of language and words; an ardent lover of imagination-- I am but a writer.

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  1. This is beautiful… One of my favorite songs of all time, in fact this song introduced me to who Vincent was and all his beautiful work and unfortunately his difficult life. You do him great justice with this – beautiful once again.

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