Heat and light
are the foremost
of Sun
in our lives.

The plants,
which give us
foods and oxygen
largely depend
on the Sun
for energy,
and so with all
other living things,
which include us.

The Sun
warms the oceans.
It stirs
and brightens
the atmosphere.
It makes
that breathes
with hope
and dreams.
The Sun
is truly,
the gift
of light
and life.
And it is,
what Tomorrow


5 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. And it never seems to fail to bring the blessing of a new and better you! We blossom always in life when we share with others, for his love is what permeates us from all that lives and if we respect and embrace that love we may always receive the promise blessing to awaken again with a beautiful smile as the suns rays embrace us with its energy. Wonderful poem Aina!

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