A Writer’s Creed


* Heartily dedicated to all fellow soulful writers.*

I am a writer
and this is my creed:

I vow to read
to empower myself
with knowledge
and information.

I vow to speak
In written words,
and as fearlessly as possible;

I vow to scribble
with honesty,
vigor and style,
and as succinctly as I can.

I vow to strive
for excellence;
making every page,
every line;
every word,
and every punctuation matters.

Above all,
I vow not to plagiarize
and never to steal my fellows’ words,
not only because it’s ill,
But it’s a disgrace to my profession;
a blasphemy to this vocation,
and the worst, despicable deceit against my readers.

For even if
I can’t see them,
I know in my heart
those dearies exist;
somewhere out there,
they’re reading my lines,
and smiling each time I soulfully write.

I am a writer,
and this is my creed:
I vow
to cherish this writing
I call blessing,
and beyond.

And may God bless me
each time I write.


16 thoughts on “A Writer’s Creed

      • Ahh….now I know why my students would say, “Teacher, you are very funny.” even when I was in the midst of lecturing them why it is important to do homework…*sigh*…

        Btw, thank you for all those lovely mentions and retweeting from you…Muahk~ 😀

        Have a great day ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀

        • Re retweeting, anytime. My dream is to buy something from your online shop, hopefully, I could do that soon. I love accessories, and I am a big fan of your designs. Seriously, I am.

          • Awww…thank you for being so sweet and kind…alas, those aren’t my designs (how I wished they are…hopefully in the future I might…who knows…now still learning…hehehe)…but my selections…hehehe…

            No worries, my friend…by just reading this comment of yours, it already makes me feel like I’ve sold you tons and tons of my products to you…hehehe…

            Cheers~ 😀

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