I Am But a Writer

Revised and dedicated to fellow diehard writers.

I am
but a writer;

I am
but a fan of language;

I am
but a lover of rhymes;

I am
but a soul mate of words;

I am
but a mistress of imagination;

I dream of writing
a novel,
my collection of poems;
sonnets, and odes.

I dream of writing
a song,
a book;
a story
of my beautiful journey
to love, life
and its ironies.

I dream of writing
a noble story
of a love
that knows
No boundaries.

I dream of writing
our love story,
to create the haven
where we can love
so freely;
far and safe
from the hostile world–
severely afflicted
of acute prejudices
and chronic hypocrisy–
by rude souls
and meanies.

I am but a writer;
A voice,
though small;
though flawed,
but I am true,
and I am strong.

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